Luncheon talk at the Royal Australian Historical Society – The Jack Mundey Story
April 4, 2018
12:00 pm
- History House 1st Floor 133 Macquarie Street Sydney

12.0 – 1.00 pm

Hear author, James (Jim) Colman, author of The House that Jack built: Jack Mundey, Green Bans Hero, tell the story of how an ordinary bloke from the bush became the key figure in a movement that would change the shape of our cities and bring about lasting political and legal reform.

Without the green bans movement of the 1970s, Sydney and many other cities would look very different. Pulling together an unlikely alliance of environmentalists and union players earned Jack Mundey a reputation as both the ‘best-known unionist and best-known conservationist in Australia’.

Jim Colman is a Sydney-based architect, planner and part-time university lecturer.


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