An overview of Jim Colman's book - The House That Jack Built: Jack Mundey, Green Bans Hero.

Eight chapters, 400 handsomely-designed pages with 160 illustrations.

Chapter 1: At the beginning and Chapter 2: How green was my Valley

The early days of Jack Mundey and the heritage and conservation movement. A look at postwar priorities in the ‘lucky country’ within the context of European modernism and the movement of big capital and government towards modernizing Sydney.

Chapter 3: The saga of Mr Kelly and his Bush and Chapter 4: Grass roots stirrings.

The test case of the green ban that prevents development of the last remaining waterfront bushland in Hunters Hill in 1972. The community activism that grew from there.

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Chapter 5: Big issues big battles and Chapter 6: Strange bedfellows.

The fight for preservation of The Rocks area in Sydney and other sites in NSW and other Australian states. The surprising supporters, and some unexpected respect from opponents.

Chapter 7: After the bans – Mundey moves on and Chapter 8: Today and tomorrow

Jack’s later work in public life, and the continuing work to protect our environment and built heritage

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THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT is available in bookshops around Australia

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